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Paintbrush&Co is a fine art brand and community organisation, curating spaces for women and the youth. Through illustrations, line drawings and paintings, art has been a means of healing, sharing stories and exploring self-love for Pb&Co. With a particular focus on exploring womanhood and intimacy - inspired by a self-love journey and navigating the relationships we have with ourselves.

Pb&Co curates a series of incredible events, safe spaces and exhibitions for the community. From our sisterhood circles to the MENA Voyage exhibition we seek to elevate and connect communities through art and creativity.

We welcome you to come as you are and appreciate yourself in our spaces.

We create and collaborate on projects that aim to ameliorate the well-being of women; through our art therapy workshops, safe spaces where professional help is provided and supporting female artists in their endeavours by curating and sponsoring art exhibitions.


Pb&Co began as a fine art exploration and since connecting with the community through oil paintings and ink drawings exploring self-love, healing, womanhood and intimacy, we have developed a safe space to explore these matters alongside one another.

Founded by two multi-disciplinary artists, Zafeerah Heesambee and Reem Hammoud, with the pursuit of  sharing stories through the fine art and providing accessibility to creativity for the everyday woman.

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